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  I have been entering contests daily and winning weekly for years: I've won everything from appliances to trips, cash to gift cards, even a Truck! Throughout this experience, I have learned which contests and sweepstakes to enter, the best ways to enter, and which have the best odds. My track record speaks for itself....check out my wins page.

  I often have friends and family members say "You are so lucky" and while I can't argue with luck and good karma - there really are ways to increase your odds of winning.  By subscribing to our weekly newsletter, you will receive these tips along with hand-picked contests/sweepstakes that you can enter immediately. This allows you to start entering and winning right away.

   Not everyone has hours a day to enter hundreds or thousands of contests - we get it. iWINContests.com finds contests/sweepstakes with the best odds, adds them to the newsletter and includes reasons why your chance of winning is greater. This allows you to devote a small amount of time entering, with the best odds of winning - all at your leisure.

  Sometimes we like to give a little bonus I like to call "Act Now". These emails contain special contests/sweepstakes that just can't wait till our next newsletter, just a little something extra for our subscribers.
  Whether, you are an experienced sweeper or just starting out, I am confident that you will find extreme value in our newsletter. We include contests/sweepstakes that can be entered online, via phone, twitter, or text, local specific, facebook, pinterest, or mail in. We have a little of everything for every type of winner.

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